The easy way to lodge your activity statements

Lodging your activity statement sounds pretty easy in theory, but it’s not always a straightforward process.

  • Do you know which expenses and the types of income contain GST?
  • Do your overseas sales have GST?
  • Are you unsure of which income streams need GST added and which don’t?
  • Have you apportioned your expenses correctly?

We are here to answer all these questions and more.

We can help you prepare and lodge your GST information with the ATO. Meticulous in our approach, we’ll ensure you get the correct and most beneficial outcomes.

In addition, we can vary your PAYG instalments, claim your fuel tax credits, and make sure you have reported your employees’ wages and tax obligations correctly.

Make life easier with the following benefits


No mistakes

Accuracy is crucial when lodging your activity statements. We ensure you meet all of your obligations as set out by the ATO on time.


Save time

Don’t waste any more of your time attempting to navigate the ins and outs of GST regulations yourself. Join forces with Clarity and leave the headache to us.


GST simplified

Understanding which income streams need GST added and which don’t is no walk in the park. We take the guesswork out of GST, so you can stress less.


Streamlined super

Calculating and keeping up with your employees’ super can be hard work. We provide you with one accurate amount to pay at the end of each quarter.


Optimal outcomes

Accurate activity statements don’t just make the ATO happy. They also ensure you get the most beneficial outcomes. It’s a win-win.


Expert advice

We work with both individuals and businesses. If you need help in other areas – tax returns, small business accounting, bookkeeping – just ask.

Get help with super payments

Need assistance with the lodgement of your employees’ super? We can take care of that, too.

We can manage the lodgement of your employee super via the ATO Clearing House and give you one amount to pay at the end of each quarter. The Clearing house will send all super payments to your employees’ individual superfunds. Easy.

Take the stress out of lodging your activity statements

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