Am I paying too much tax?

It’s one of the most common questions we get.

Yes, you must pay your fair share of tax. But no, you don’t have to blindly hand over whatever figure your accountant comes up with.

As a business owner, your tax scenario is a little more complicated. Even if your business is organised and well-structured, it’s still made up of a unique collection of circumstances and moving parts.

Think of it like a jigsaw puzzle. If the pieces are arranged in two different ways, the completed picture is going to look different. Same goes for your tax files. Returns that are prepared just a little differently can result in quite different outcomes – even in the same financial year.

Long story short, it is very possible you are paying too much tax. Getting a second tax opinion gives you confidence in your current accountant, or proof that it’s time to change.

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Am I paying too much tax?

If you suspect your accountant has you paying too much tax, we can find out the truth.


Why am I paying too much tax?

If you are paying too much tax, we help you understand why.


Can I get overpaid tax back?

In most cases, we can lodge an amended tax return with the ATO, so you can get overpaid tax back.

Thinking of switching accountants?

If you’re thinking of switching accountants, you might want to ‘try before you buy.’ We get it. A second opinion on your tax is a great way to put our team to test so that you can experience the Clarity difference first-hand.

I would highly recommend Clarity Taxation. Any taxation accountant could do the tax preparations for my small company of two employees. The bigger firms see my type of smallness as not a lucrative client and a hassle that is passed on to a junior. I have been treated this way a few times. Rachelle leaves them in her dust, lagging way behind. Clarity Taxation is a warm, friendly and helpful environment. Any queries are directly answered and tax returns are promptly attended to. 5 stars!

Michael de Jong

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When it comes to our clients’ tax returns, we leave no stone unturned. Get in touch and let’s find out if you are paying too much tax.

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